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Who are we

After  acquiring the through methodical talent of the  know how about the civil engineering field, in far back in the end of  1990, I  joined as a responsible officer to a foremost  construction company and manned  a several projects single handed, at places far and away, for a long three years till the end of 1993 with application of my highly dedicated and untiring efforts, which resulted not only to make such projects, successful reality but precisely to gained vast experience in all spires of construction arena, to a great extent. It is with that strong background of inborn, skills with academic perfectionand well versed experience, I mobilized our own construction venture in 1994, to achieve today not only to be a flourishing ICTAD C2 standard company, but also to bestow with prestigious ISO.9001:2008 certification on the Civil Construction field, with set track records to match with or outclass any reputed Civil Engineering entity to stand on our own highly sustainable foundation as the “Darinton Construction (Pvt) Ltd.” with dignity and integrity, having our registered office at  No.854, Galle Road, Katukurunda, Kalutara  South –  Sri Lanka.

It is not only to carry the profound excellence of Construction Civil Engineering to the generations to come, by applying appropriate methods, materials and management, in to the every project that we engaged to achieve our cherished goal of the utmost satisfaction of our clients, but also to give, well trained, well acquainted and well disciplined higher rank Civil Engineering manpower in the trade to our beloved Mother Land – Sri Lanka.

What we do

The numerous document formations are used by us to govern the accuracy, simplicity, uniformity, minimum time durability, eco friendly and user friendly, in the following stages of the construction management criteria.

  • Bidding Stage
  • Operational Planning
  • Resources Scheduling
  • Financial Planning
  • Site Planning
  • Site Organization
  • Contract Administration
  • Stores Management
  • Plant Management
  • Construction Safety
  • Management of Sub Contractor
  • Quality Control
  • Progress Monitoring & Control
  • Cost Control
  • Practical Completion Stage

Our Philosophy

Our company which reached epic heights in the Civil Construction Field has several components, as depicted below, to dispense with the integrated three major parties – The Client, the Consultant and ourselves the contractor – to concur our bottom line targets of our untiring efforts.

  • Versatile Engineering and Technical Staff
  • Well-versed Administration and Accounting Man Power with electronic data base supports
  • Skill full labour force
  • Prospective sub contractors
  • Reputed suppliers of material services and financial needs
  • Modern machinery and equipments.

To the desired results oriented mission of ours, we engaged in …

  • Continues attempts for sustainable training, motivation and evaluation of the Human Resource to up lift the quality and the accuracy of work, whereby to posses the dynamic and energetic work force, to attain the profound approach from the grass root level.
  • For the effective construction management we carry out in all possible avenues to achieve the utmost higher quality at the lowest economical cost in the targeted reasonable time frame, in this aspect we have introduced many a number of forms, formats, check lists, etc.. to use as management tools in cash flow forecasting, material stock control, cost control, progress control, quality control, effective programme review and regularize meetings, effective communication and to give guidance to our human resources to develop similar document formations for the other activities recognized in time to time.

Director : 077-3242780

Managing Director : 077-7672452

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