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Introduction to Kanola

Sri Lanka’s emerging infrastructure development requirements necessitate strong players with innovation and cutting edge technology. Kanola steps in to fulfill such development needs with strong commitment and high quality innovation, providing a firm foundation in catering to today’s needs leading to a brighter tomorrow.

The location of the office and factory

Situated in the lush green surroundings of ,Kalankuttiya, Ganlnewa, Anuradapura, Kanola (Private) Limited is a limited liability company established in 2000. Within its short history of existence, Kanola has firmly established itself as the leading contractor of construction field in the country.

Subsidiary companies

For now to pave the path for the sustainable development in a much productive manner Kanola (Pvt) Limited Has Been diversified into number of subsidiary companies such as Kanola Construction and Enginearing, Kanola Auto and Govi machnary, Kanola Textiles.

Different product/ raw material,  Servise

The products profile of Kanola includes, Asphalt concrete,Interlock block, and concrete related products.. Our production capacity exceeds 200 metric tons of Asphalt concrete and 60 metric tons of Interlock block per day.

The mass scale projects

Among the most prominent mass scale projects we have been part of, are the Southern Expressway, A9 road construction from Vauniya to Horowpathana, A32 road from Batticaloa to Ampara and the construction and navigation challenge of dahaattawanguwa leading in to the scenic hill country of Sri Lanka.

The history and possibly the challenges faced, leading to the building of the new office building

In the year 2000, kanola started business as a small enterprise, penetrating the Kanola market at very low margins. However, with the growing demand for high quality products, the company was able to establish a Kanola blending plant by 2010. Facing many challenges with firm determination, this move enabled us to enhance the quality standards of our products and provide excellent customer service to our client base.

The international connections

Kanola has acquired the latest production equipment from the Japan and technical know how from Akzo Nobel, Sweden; Humboldt, USA and Spectrum Chemical, Singapore, Nayler Chemicals Limited, United Kingdom in its drive to provide unparalleled service to the nation.

The clients

Dedicated to enhancing the quality of bitumen products, we extend our services to all the leading companies in the country covering public, private and multinational sector organizations.The distribution network With a highly experienced management team and an untiring work force we have been able to ensure high quality production and distribution through our island wide network. Ever concerned about customer welfare, Bitulink Emulsion also conducts product awareness programs as a technical support for our clientele, whilst sharing our knowledge with experts in the industry, to benefit our customers.

Foreign expertise and consultations

Global know how is transferred to the specific local needs as we engage international consultants to provide the necessary guidance in maintaining quality standards of our products. Furthermore, the environmentally friendly production process ensures our commitment to the country and its well being as we engage in business, with continued innovation.

The new laboratory

Our own, newly installed state of the art laboratory tests the entire products range, manufactured at the company’s production facility. Kanola is dedicated to providing the customer with the best products under sound environmental conditions.

Production process and quality control

All our products are manufactured to ASTM specifications.With stringent quality control measures throughout the entire production process.

CSR projects

As we expand our market share with innovative products and assured quality, our duty and commitment to society remains unwavering. The many Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives carried out through community development projects such as building houses, improving educational facilities, and supporting the local health sector, stand as testimony to this deep respect to the populace.


Construction & Engineering

Provides all engineering services including Road, Bridge, Building and Canal constructions. More

Kanola Auto

Kanola Auto

Imports all types of motor vehicles and agricultural equipment and spare parts. Kanola ensures More

Kanola Heavy Machinery

Heavy Machinery

Imports modern innovative production equipment from Japan, China, Thailand and India and More

Kanola Gold Way Tire

Goldway Tire

Authorized and sole distributor of the Chinese product, the Goldway Tires. More

Kanola Concrete based Products

Concrete Based Products

Delivering all raw materials including Asphalt concrete and ready mix concrete and other More

Kanola Textile

Kanola Textile

Undertake the distribution and sales of ready-made garments and gift items imported from various More

Other ways to contact us

Kalankuttiya, Galnewa, Sri Lanka

+94 25 226 9220

+94 25 226 9219


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