Tree-the oldest and best ever companion of the man so far yet neglected for a while due to the restless life style is back in the close vicinity of modern sophisticated civilization.

It’s not just landscaping, but a total plan to bring back a soothing sight and a healing touch of a freshening breeze to the life. Believe it or not it is a dream that can be realized within a couple of days. Yes, within just a couple of days because it is done through matured tree transplantation, so why wait for years?

For us- Sri Lankans – Landscaping has not been an alien subject. Ours is a history of landscaping too. It dates back to the era of the great king Pandukabhaya and no other plan of landscaping can hit that of sigiriya fort of king Kashyapa. So, what matters to us is not about how to run after the so called modern landscaping technologies, but how to merge the modern world’s scientific findings with our own ways descending from our own history to meet the needs of modern life.

As for as- Niwasa landscaping- this concept about landscaping-lingers in blood and flesh of each member live in remote parts of sri lanka where natural landscaping in an inhere heritage from generous to generation. And ours is a group comprises architects, designers and agriculture consultant, technical officers and all sorts of workers with high gratifications and experience in and modern gardening system traditional.


  • Uprooting matured trees from specially maintained nurseries using root ball system
  • Delivering the uprooted trees with root balls to the landscaping locations securely and planting them with intensive care due to a prior designed plan.
  • Bringing them up and nurturing until they get well adapted to the new environmental conditions with close observation and special care.

About us

  • experience – Since 2000 we have been in the field.
  • Creations – Click Here
  • Responsibility and guarantee – We are responsible for the plants for 06 months or as required from the date of transplantation.



Hotlines-0715761941, 0773854087

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