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SMI Engineering excels construction at its best winning customer satisfaction in every project undertaken. The company constructs buildings, community development projects, steel structures, warehouses and all the other mainstream constructions. Additionally, SMI is specialized in telecommunication projects, for instance tower erection, cabin construction, cable gantries and other related infrastructural projects.

All sorts of engineering projects irrespective of their specialty are undertaken since SMI is equipped with a team with diverse skills and professionalism. SMI has developed an industry eco-system enabling them to get diverse skills and services in to the organization while minimizing fixed costs. This enables customers to get a superior service at a lower cost.OURVISIONTo become a professionally driven engineering service provider who delivers the customer satisfaction through the convergence of technology, management and organization to become a valued partner in country’s development and industrial sustainability.OURMISSIONTo deliver high-quality, cost-effective projects on schedule by employing motivated, flexible and focused teams together with improved industrial eco-system theme which ascertain diverse skills within the organization while being conscious about environment friendliness.SMIVALUE

We, as a company adore the value of providing the best to all the parties that are involved with us. Thus we have incorporated the simple value that “Building Happiness” as the core of the company. We build happiness for our customers, employees, business partners and the environment. Preserving these values, the company continues to be successful in the industry.KEYFEATURES

Cost effective

Since SMI concentrates on professionalism where the construction process is planned and carried out smoothly, a considerable cost can be saved to the company as well as to the clients. Thus they always give their clients the best prices and the advantage of professionalism.


No false promises are given by SMI. They at all times are honest with their clients in order to maintain a friendly as well as a trust worthy relationship. The integrity which they have been able to maintain over the years has helped them to have a bonded clientele.


It is the quality that has lifted the name of SMI to a reputable place in the industry. From the pins to the machines that assist the construction process, only the quality materials that are certified are used. Since quality confirms the durability, they stick to the quality as a principle.


SMI was initiated as a consequence of the passion they have towards engineering as a profession. Since SMI always provides the best to the company, they have been able to render a quality service to the clients as well to their contribution to the infrastructure of the country.


SMI Telecommunication Infrastructure

With the advent of technology and swift developments in the telecommunication techniques, the world has become one simple village. In the attempt of connecting Sri Lanka to this global village and providing access to the citizens, SMI has contributed immensely since it is a pioneer in constructing telecommunication infrastructure in the country.

It has so far constructed more than 150 new base stations which are worth Rs. 400 million reach a height of 120m. The average construction time the company takes is 8 weeks and they ensure that these base stations consist of the best quality and the durability.

SMI Building Constructions

The company pays special attention from the beginning of the construction process in order to affirm the quality of the establishment. Using only the expertise and professionals to design and examine the procedure, SMI Engineering Company assures that the decision making and carrying out is done with precision. In addition, only the certified quality materials and equipment are used in the construction course in order to safeguard the quality and durability.

Contemporary architecture requires more steel. SMI Engineering Company, since it has been engaged in steel productions in interior designing projects, possess the wealth of knowledge and experience regarding steel products to equivalent the customer specifications. Steel crafting by SMI Engineering Company are manufactured using the best materials and the skilful artistry make the modern architecture in your imagination a reality. The professional steel crafters at SMI Engineering Company are able to manufacture special steel products such as steel roofing, gates and staircases which are modified with a modern edge.

SMI Steel Crafters’ Strength For Buildings

Contemporary architecture requires more steel. SMI, since it has been engaged in steel productions in interior designing projects, possess the wealth of knowledge and experience regarding steel products to equivalent the customer specifications. Steel crafting by SMI are manufactured using the best materials and the skilful artistry make the modern architecture in your imagination a reality.

SMI Houses and Property Development

A house is a lot more than an engineered building, it is what you call home and it is where your family resides in. Since you build a house only once in the life, it needs to contain all the comforts and the peace of mind you yearn from life. We build the house of your dreams using the state of art architectural techniques to ensure the comfort and the luxury of your home.
The proficient team of structural engineers, architects and construction specialists are prepared to provide the best client support and to make the dreams of the clients come true.

SMI Interior Development

In order to carter to the needs of the clients to expertise and perfection, the interior development team of the company are equipped with a creative eye and the state of art knowledge. The team is ready to deliver a best in class finish and luxurious outlook and they always want the interior of your place be unique. Adding specific client choices and colours that suit each establishment the best, our team is prepared to develop the interiors using modern interior designing techniques in order to make the spaces look luxurious.

SMI Design and Innovation

With the intention of catering into the emerging needs of the customers, the environmental issues, speedily declining natural resources and technology, SMI Engineering Company is in the process of developing latest trends in the engineering field. The company strives to provide their best to the emerging requirements of the research and development in the construction industry and endeavours to administer diverse of Design and Build contract from the sources the company possesses internally in addition to the external engineering design business partners.

The revolutions that occurred in the industrial field and in the scientific spheres allowed the development of the construction industry and paved way to new approaches in the building systems and the mechanisms that were limited only to the minds of people. With this, arose the formal and specialized modern engineering profession allowing more acute and cost effective designs.

SMI Engineering Company adopts these new approaches when carrying out the engineering solutions they provide the customers. The construction solutions provided by the company are wide spread from precise detailing, construction drawings, development method statements and complete project management services.



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